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Bright Sky was in a second round of public funding throughout the summer of 2023! Check out some of our new features:

Bright Sky

JSON API for DWD open weather data
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$ curl

  "weather": [
      "timestamp": "2020-04-21T00:00:00+00:00",
      "source_id": 6007,
      "cloud_cover": 0,
      "dew_point": -2.5,
      "precipitation": 0,
      "pressure_msl": 1015.1,
      "relative_humidity": 40,
      "sunshine": 0,
      "temperature": 10.6,
      "visibility": 50000,
      "wind_direction": 70,
      "wind_speed": 12.6,
      "wind_gust_direction": 50,
      "wind_gust_speed": 33.5,
      "condition": "dry",
      "icon": "clear-night"
  "sources": [
      "id": 6007,
      "dwd_station_id": "01766",
      "wmo_station_id": "10315",
      "station_name": "Münster/Osnabrück",
      "observation_type": "historical",
      "first_record": "2020-01-01T00:00:00+00:00",
      "last_record": "2020-08-13T23:00:00+00:00",
      "lat": 52.1344,
      "lon": 7.6969,
      "height": 47.8,
      "distance": 16365

Hello! :)

The DWD (Deutscher Wetterdienst), as Germany's meteorological service, publishes a myriad of meteorological observations and calculations as part of their Open Data program.

Bright Sky is an open-source project aiming to make some of the more popular data available in a free, simple JSON API. No API key required! Just head on over to our API Documentation and start retrieving some weather records!

I build and maintain Bright Sky in my spare time as my way to give back to the open-source community. The steadily rising number of requests and the feedback I receive through email give me plenty of motivation, and I am proud to keep Bright Sky free forever and truly happy about every single user.

Some people have reached out wishing to express an extra level of support and help cover server costs. If you want to support me and the project, please feel welcome to

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What's new?!

Feedback and Support

Bright Sky is under active development! If you have any thoughts, questions, feature requests, or other feedback, please feel very welcome to shoot me an email or open an issue in our GitHub repo.


Bright Sky is free-to-use for all purposes. As it solely provides an additional method to access the DWD's meteorological data, the DWD's Terms of Use apply to all data you retrieve through the API.


Bright Sky now handles more than two million requests per day, and in total has served about 150,000,000 requests since its launch.

I try to keep it alive, fast, and free-of-charge with the help of awesome sponsors on GitHub. Maybe you feel like joining them?


Bright Sky's development was boosted by the priceless guidance and support of the Open Knowledge Foundation's Prototype Fund program, and generously funded by Germany's Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Obvious as it may be, it should be mentioned that none of this would be possible without the painstaking, never-ending effort of the Deutscher Wetterdienst.

Prototype Fund Open Knowledge Foundation Germany Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung Deutscher Wetterdienst